The Religion, Science and the Environment Movement

“Religion, Science and the Environment” is a UK based organisation which evolved from and is ideologically rooted in a movement started in 1988 on the Isle of Patmos, at a meeting of environmental and religious leaders. It was established out of concern for the water environment of the planet, which covers seven-tenths of the earth's surface. This concern is both theological and scientific, and one of the underlying purposes of the organisation is to establish common ground on the implications and imperatives of this ecological crisis between representatives of faith communities, professional scientists, and environmental NGOs. The leading spirit of "Religion, Science and the Environment" is His All Holiness Bartholomew, Ecumenical Patriarch of the Christian Orthodox Church of Constantinople.

The organisation's mission is to raise awareness of pressing environmental issues and create a wider involvement in environmental matters by mobilising the world's religious leaders, scientists and environmentalists.

“Religion, Science and the Environment” operates through Symposium study voyages, with several hundred participants. Their aim is to debate and propose solutions to the plight of the world's waters; to initiate schemes or institutions for environmental co-operation and education; to visit sites of special concern and to meet officials and NGO representatives in the countries visited to raise awareness on these issues. RSE has also organised successful educational workshops for press and religious representatives it also plays an active advisory role, assisting the Ecumenical Patriarch on matters related to the Environment.

Travelling down rivers and around seas, sometimes literally following pollution from its source to its point of impact, these waterborne journeys have offered up a tangible sense of the interconnectedness of the world’s waters and all its ecosystems, demonstrating the destructive ripples human actions can send through space and time. By bringing participants to the places where environmental problems are most acute and focusing on practical remedies rather than theoretical discussions, RSE Symposia have inspired positive change through collective action.